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The History of Hayes Trucks in British Columbia

Hayes Trucks, originally Hayes-Anderson Motor Company Ltd, was founded in 1920 in Vancouver, BC by Douglas Hayes and Mr. W. Anderson. At one point they employed over 600 people and operated three manufacturing plants located along False Creek Flats in Vancouver.

Although their specialty was on and off-road logging trucks, they also built buses, moving vans, tractors and trailers.

The Hayes Off Road HDX Logging Truck and Baby Hayes highway logging truck are still being used today even though the plants were closed in 1975 when the company, then owned by Mack Trucks (1969), was sold to the Seattle based company PACCAR. PACCAR is of course the manufacturer of Kenworth and Peterbuilt trucks.

Hayes has remanded a long-standing name in the Canadian Forestry business. Douglas Hayes son Donald established Hayes Forest Services Ltd in 1956. Douglas’s grandson Harold is now the President of Hayes Forest Consulting Services Ltd. in Vancouver.

The Hayes Logo included a Grizzly Bear head ornament and sometimes a Grizzly stitched into the upholstery of the truck.

Today oil and gas, and mining companies value the amazing Hayes HDX for its heavy hauling capabilities. Jenna Industries specializes in these rare and unique beasts of a truck.

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